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Video Description
Elon Musk all NEW Phone Just DESTROYED Apple!
You will agree with me that both Apple and Tesla companies are leading in technology in the world today!
Tesla's electric vehicles, on the other hand, have completely transformed the automotive industry. Apple's iPhone is one of the greatest smartphones on the market, outperforming Samsung and Huawei models. Even the Tesla billionaire uses an iPhone, you can verify that by going to his Twitter handle to see all his tweets. And you will find out that they are from the iPhone. It's as easy as that.

Tesla's owner has decided to create a phone that is far superior to the iPhone. The Tesla phones have a lot of outstanding features that distinguish them apart from the competitors.
The Pi phone has a larger battery capacity of 7100 milliamps. Which is far greater than the iPhone's battery capacity of 5000 milliamps. With such a large battery capacity, this is a major embarrassment to the apple industry.

#elonmusk #apple