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Video Description
In this video I document the process of taking 3 inches (7.6 cm) of fabric out of the chest are via the side seams of an Austin Reed for Dillard's wool half canvass sport coat. This is my first attempt at altering a sport coat. I got the majority of the information to do this from a young man Louis Geramita who runs a YouTube channel called "The Aspiring Gent". He's pretty amazing so check his channel out! Here's the specific video:
"DIY Suit Coat Sliming Tutorial | No More Boxy Suit"
Here's a link to his channel home page:

0:35 - The "before" of the jacket & pinning the excess
4:32 - Showing the side seam that I am doing the adjustment on and marking it with tailor's chalk.
6:18 - Showing the jacket details and opening up the bottom lining seam to turn it inside out
8:40 - Showing the half canvass construction
10:06 - The seam marked on the inside
10:29 - First (unsuccessful) attempt at sewing up the seam
12:14 - Mentally regrouping after my first error
14:06 - Re-pinning & marking the jacket more carefully
15:23 - Measuring the marks
16:08 - Transferring the marks to the inside of the jacket
16:53 - Second attempt (and second mistake) at sewing the seam
18:37 - Putting in a new Bobbin & resetting the machine
19:05 - The result of the first seam being sewn!
19:29 - Showing the result of the first seam adjustment with the jacket on
20:04 - Measuring (&sewing) the other side)
21:14 - Trying it on with both seams sewn
21:41 - Removing the stitching from the original seam & ironing the area flat again
22:55 - Trying the ironed jacket on before sewing the liner back on
23:29 - Reattaching the lining
24:20 - The final results and an examination of the result, both good and bad
27:15 - Before & After and more thoughts on how to do better next time
27:37 - Bloopers reel
27:50 - Outro

Music Credit: YouTube Audio Library:
1. "Tropical House" by Yuri Bespalov
2. "Bluesed and Abused" by Quincas Moreira