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Bruce Williams    14 September, 22, 5:00 pm
Video Description
I took my latest rebuy, the titanium Big Eye to my local watchmaker. There I gathered footage of the latest version of the L688 movement. I wanted to see if Longines had changed anything outside of the slightly improved specifications. I'm pleased to report that it is still as alluring as ever! It is a shame it is in a sense hidden behind a closed case back. Why does Longines do this?

Shout out to my excellent watchmaker Chris Howard of Fankhauser Jewelry in Sugarhouse. Highly recommended.

Another shout out to Exquisite Timepieces, the Longines AD I bought this Big Eye from. For good selection and excellent customer service reach out to-

Nick Lukas - 443-655-4800 ©
IG: exquisitetimepieces

0:00 - 0:26 Montage Intro
0:26 - 2:17 Rebuying the Big Eye
2:17 - 3:48 The Reasoning
3:48 - 5:30 Did Longines make it worse?
5:30 - 7:05 A Custom Back?