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Video Description
Recently Rebecca Zamolo tried eating only one color food challenge for 24 hours but it was a bad idea. Right before that Matt and Rebecca were making RZ Twin good again for game master network. Now in order to get Robbie Rob's memories back to save the game master we need to see whats inside his bag. Matt decides to become his best friend for 24 hours and copying anything he does. Rebecca and Maddie give Matt a makeover to make sure they look like twins. When RR arrives make mirrors his moves exactly. They really look like twin brothers. Rebecca and Maddie spy on them and get their outfits on as well. This might be a great idea. It is a huge surprise when Matt reveals the Mario Kart in the backyard and they put on matching costumes. Robbie Rob doesn't remember everything maybe the secret to his Mom is inside. Maddie is able to go on a group date to maybe give him a first kiss and steals a piece of paper out of the bag. What do you think it will reveal? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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