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Video Description
Scottish fishing vessels Audacious facing rough seas and massiv waves in the North-West Atlantic off the coast of Scotland. It's rare to film them during conditions like this. Subscribe for more extreme weather content ►

If you want to support families who have lost loved ones at sea, you may want to check the website of the Fishermen's Mission, a charity registered in England and Wales: No. 232822 and in Scotland: No. SC039088. This information was lastly updated on 01-May-2021.

Disclaimer: Licet Studios GmbH is not in any way affiliated with the The Fishermen's Mission, does not receive any kind of commission here, and does not have any influence nor makes any kind or guaranties or representations on how donations are handled. Please check the official website of the charity or contact the respective authorities in the UK if you need further information or have concerns. You are in no obligation to donate anything and you are free to consider any other charity as well.

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