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Video Description
In this video I clean up a filthy old pair of Shell Cordovan Long Wing Bluchers ("LWBs") that I picked up at a thrift store for a few bucks. I spent hours researching old catalogs, eBay, and a few websites that have documented various known Shell Cordovan model shoes to try and figure out who made these shoes. I then stripped whatever (old deteriorated wax?) was on the shoes, nourished the Shell, and polished them, then performed some minor repairs to get these shoes looking decent again.

If you have any real knowledge as to the Maker/Manufacturer of these shoes please comment below! Someone out there must own shoes by the same maker! There are two numbers, one of which should be the model number: 419547, and another number which is either 6005 or 6035.

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"Leather Talk with Phil from Ashland/Horween Part 3"

Music Credit:
"Shine On" from YouTube Audio Library

"Be A King W.M.D. Remix" by Metaharmoniks
Brahma (Artner remix) by Metaharmoniks

The following are from YouTube Audio Library:
"Stuff" by Otis McDonald