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Video Description
This video features a Savoy Square suit that I thrifted for only $15! It's a double breasted 4 - 2 button wool suit with peak lapels, pleated pants, and no cuffs. It's kind of an interesting suit, and other than the waist being too tight, it fits me like it's already been tailored for me! I do a simple alteration in this video to let out the slacks about 2-1/4".

0:29 Reviewing the suit
1:15 How to tell if the Jacket body length is correct?
2:27 How to tell if the shoulders of a jacket fit ?
3:00 Getting clues as to the jacket materials and build quality
4:02 My goal: to add 2 to 2-1/2" to the waist
4:22 Showing the let out / "The Aspiring Gent" / ripping the seam
7:07 Marking the fabric to add in 1-1/8" to each side (2-1/1" total)
8:80 Setting up the sewing machine
9:43 Sewing up the back seam from the inside
12:27 Showing the result & the pleated pants but no cuffs
13:07 Ironing out the creases from the old seam
13:51 Reattaching the belt loop
14:48 The finished result!
16:05 The finished suit with the jacket on
16:44 Closing shots & Outro