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Video Description
Half-naked escapades through Los Angeles. Connections to Canadian pop stars. A secret album? From their majestic origins to their on and off-stage battles, keep watching for more untold truths about the Red Hot Chili Peppers!

#RedHotChiliPeppers #Band #Musicians

Majestic, mayhem-filled origins | 0:00
One band was never enough | 1:14
Anthony Kiedis' brief reprieve | 2:38
John Frusciante's revolving door | 3:36
Spring Break with RHCP | 5:12
Arik Marshall's fruitful stint | 6:29
An accidental hit | 7:32
"Bedrock Anthem" bothered Flea | 8:34
New life from old songs | 9:31
More than Navarro bargained for | 10:29
Crossover with Alanis Morissette | 11:42
The Year of Nothing | 12:46
Why Dave Navarro left | 13:55
The lost album | 14:57
The 'Dani California' controversy | 16:00
The "Californication" lawsuit | 17:14

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