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Video Description
The heartbreaking request Freddie Mercury asked from his Queen bandmates. The hobby you most likely don't know he had. One of his closest companions speaks out. Onstage, Freddie Mercury was flamboyant and extroverted, but offstage, was a different story.

#FreddieMercury #Queen #BohemianRhapsody

Classmates called him 'Bucky' | 0:00
Complicated relationship with race | 1:24
Secretive about his sexuality | 2:26
Lied about his lover | 3:25
Proposed to Mary Austin | 4:21
Jim Hutton was his lover | 5:18
Loved photography | 6:23
May knew the real Mercury | 7:19
Wasn't his first AIDS test | 8:30
Final years | 9:47

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