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Video Description
Watch this navy patrol boat facing rough seas, big waves and extreme winds (storm force 12) during a training exercise in the Southern Ocean in February 2021. Subscribe for more extreme weather content ►

The cameraman told us that it was perhaps the wrong decision to go out into such rough seas there as it was dangerous. It could have been a difficult operation to rescue the crew if the boat capsized as the wind was going strong, the water was freezing cold and additional support could not be send over quickly due to the remoteness of the area. Luckily the boat and its crew was able to return safely to the main ship.

With a maximum depth of about 7,434 meters (24,390 ft) and temperatures between -2-10 °C (25-50 °F), the Southern Ocean is known for its tough weather conditions – it is the coldest and windiest ocean on Earth. The latitudes from 50 to 70 degrees south are also known as the "Furious Fifties" and "Shrieking Sixties" due to strong winds and large waves caused by the winds blow that blow around the globe in those areas. (Find out more here:

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