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Video Description
Monkeys and Primates are some of the most intriguing animals on earth. Enjoy this 4K Scenic Wildlife film featuring over 70 primate species. From Mountain Gorillas in Africa, to Snow Monkeys in Japan, our world is full of so many incredible monkeys and apes. What is your favorite Primate?

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0:00 - Primates of the World
5:57 - Monkeys & Apes of Africa
10:09 - Asian Primates
15:03 - Primates of South & Central America
19:08 - Gorillas
22:59 - Baboons
24:48 - Gelada Baboons
26:49 - Chimpanzees
28:25 - Orangutans
31:18 - Urban Monkeys
33:14 - Monkeys of India
34:14- Snow Monkeys (Japanese Macaques)
38:13 - Lemurs of Madagascar
41:19 - Primate Planet

Thanks for watching :)