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Video Description
In this video you will find tips to read more books(in Tamil).You can read up-to 300 books if you follow the suggestions mentioned in this video.Also you will learn how to retain what you read in this video


How To Read And Remember Books Tamil | Tips To Read More Books Tamil | Part [4/4]

**Topics discussed in the video**

Tools to remember more
What is recitation?
What is elaboration?
How to take notes?
5 step process for taking notes

**Link to this course on UDEMY**

**Some of the questions answered are**

Tips to read more books tamil?
How to start reading books daily tamil?
How to read and remember books tamil?
How to read more books in tamil?
Benefits of reading books in tamil?
Advantages of reading books in tamil?
How to read more books faster, tips in tamil?

**All Parts Summary Playlist**

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