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ErisFae    20 September, 08, 8:00 am
Video Description
Ivy loved water more than anything else! Nearly every photo I have of her, she is in one of the sinks or the bath tub ^-^. Too, she would only drink from the running faucet, completely snubbing her bowl. As you can see in most of her pictures, she usually had wet paws and splashed fur. Ivy even adored to be bathed.

Ivy's Story: Ivy was a kitten from a litter my mother rescued, and she was the only survivor. She was given to a dear friend of the family's, with the understanding that she be brought back to us should they be unable to keep her (it was even in the contract). Sadly, they chose to ignore that, and handed her to their neighbors just weeks later.

For the next eight years of her life, Ivy (who they named "Ratter") lived in a dark basement with little water, less food, no medical care and scarce human interaction.

We are regulars at the local Farmer's Co-Op (the feed store); "Ratter's" owner was the store owner's wife, and she mentioned to my mother that she had to get rid of their cat (they were moving). When we agreed to take her, we had no idea that she was the kitten we had given (we were stunned when her microchip positively identified her), nor did we know what condition she was in...

Ivy's terribly matted fur hid her ringworm and severe weight issues. When we took her to be shaved, we were stunned by the skeleton of a cat left behind; Ivy weighed just under 4 pounds. Her skin was covered in festering wounds and scabs, and thick puss matted her remaining hair... even our vet was horrified by what he saw...

Ivy was being nursed back to health and started getting her strength back. Unfortunately, just as things were looking up, she took a turn for the worse. Ivy seemed to fade away in just hours...