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Video Description
In this livestream, we'll implement gradients, cards, visual effect blur, outlines and animations in SwiftUI

🎨 Figma design tool:
🎨 SwiftUI Inspector:
🛠 Download Xcode:
🛠 SwiftUIX:
📕 SF Fonts:
📱 SF Symbols:
📱 Dynamic Type:
🍔 Illustrations:
🤳 Phone Mockups:

Learn UI Design
🖌 UI Design for developers:
🌈 Design system in Figma:
🎨 Figma Handbook:
📱 iOS Design Handbook:

Learn SwiftUI
📱 Build an app for iOS 13:
📱 Build an app for iOS 14:
🛠 SwiftUI Handbook:

💬 Discord:
🐦 Twitter:
📸 Instagram: