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Video Description
The one accessory he always has with him and the reason for it. The explicit message he shared on social media. The surprising Hollywood job he booked. Here is what many don't know about Mythbusters co-host Jamie Hyneman.

#Mythbusters #JamieHyneman #Host

Chore dodging as a kid | 0:00
Library learning | 1:02
Exercise equipment inspiration | 1:39
His signature beret | 2:22
Designed PPE during COVID-19 | 3:03
His firefighting contraption | 4:10
Academic honors | 5:02
Real explosives cred | 5:55
Military armor maker | 6:50
Hollywood designs | 7:40
He owns the MythBusters lab | 8:41
Battlebots legend | 9:18
A message in Russian | 10:14

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