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Hasura    28 April, 22, 3:11 pm
Video Description
With GraphQL Joins, developers can federate their queries and mutations across multiple GraphQL services as if they were a single GraphQL schema without modifying any of the underlying APIs or writing any extra code or requiring any changes to the upstream GraphQL service.

At its core, GraphQL joins is the simple idea of creating a relationship from one type in the GraphQL schema to another resolver in the same or a different GraphQL schema.

Read more on our announcement post!

00:00 Intro
00:20 Adding remote schemas
00:40 Adding relationships
01:15 Adding Permissions


🚀 Hasura makes your data instantly accessible over a real-time GraphQL API, so you can build and ship modern apps and APIs faster. Hasura connects to your databases, REST servers, GraphQL servers and third party APIs (eg: Stripe, Salesforce) to provide a unified realtime GraphQL API across all your data sources instantly.

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