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Video Description
Guru K wants you to know about this:

Getting laid off can be really stressful, and trying to handle the pressure alone can feel impossible. HG provides resources and support for every step of your journey, including a Career coaching program, designed by Dr. K, where you can learn to build the career you want. Check out career coaching at

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▼ Timestamps ▼

00:00 - Preview
00:16 - A word from our guru...
00:31 - Introduction
02:49 - Corporations and constructed reality
07:04 - Self-esteem
14:46 - Allow yourself to grieve
16:37 - Conclusion



Healthy Gamer is an online community and resource platform for gamers and their families. It does not provide medical services or professional counseling, and it is not a substitute for professional medical care. Our coaches are peer supporters, not professionally trained experts, and they cannot provide medical service. If you or a loved one are experiencing an emergency, please call your nation's emergency telephone number.

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