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Video Description
Rebecca Zamolo and cameraman Daniel use their GM spy ninja searching for 24 hours while Matt finds clues to unlock a new device to avoid a lie detector test.

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Rebecca Zamolo tried Tricking Quadrant using GAME MASTER Identity Disguise in mystery escape room while Matt and Rebecca then found a secret hidden camera in my house by the Game Master and Quadrant Device Hacks in Roblox. The GM is still missing and we are searching every secret location in hopes to find each spy gadget first by using a top secret USB drive. In today’s video, I destroy a mystery spy camera that was inside a doll in our apartment using spy ninja training. I then found out I needed to go to the Game Master Warehouse where pumpkin patch got back his dog. When Rocky and I arrived there was a member of the quadrant detecting what was inside the box. Will we do an unboxing and find $10,000 in this challenge? I wanted to blend in but I didn’t have the mask. Rebecca was at the pink escape room in real life contains similar ninja gadgets to what we saw when I spent 24hrs in a Dollhouse including dolls and a mirror mystery box. We need to decode the mysterious riddles inside before escaping with the device and avoiding another Battle Royale. YouTubers like Carter Sharer and Chad Wild Clay need to stay on alert because the hacker group could be trying to take over their channel. I don't trust Daniel because he is an expert hacker and disappeared during my Pause challenge. Do you trust him or think’s he’s working as a rouge spy? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for in 2019!

Chad Wild Clay | IS HACKER GIRL a LIAR? (Lie Detector Test on Project Zorgo to Find the Truth)

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Lucas and Marcus - Who can HOLD the LONGEST HANDSTAND wins $10,000!



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