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Video Description
We so often find ourselves browsing websites that we'd rather not spend time on. Before we come to our senses, we've spent a good 30 minutes mindlessly scrolling through a feed of useless information, and feel awful at the end of it. If we had to make a conscious choice, we'd rather spend that time on things that make us feel good, like going for a walk, cooking a healthy meal, etc.

However, it's not easy to stop ourselves from being distracted in this manner. The problem is muscle memory -- we instinctively open certain websites and mindlessly scroll through them. It's very hard to discipline ourselves to avoid wasting time online. A workable solution to the problem is to have the browser block the website. So, even if you end up typing the website URL, it is prevented from loading.

The way to accomplish this is to use a Chrome Extension like Ublock Origin: and configure it to block specific websites. In this video we show how to set up Ublock Origin to block websites.

Our productivity tip: block websites that are frequent time sinks and reclaim 30 minutes of your day back.

This screen recording was made with the Chrome extension.