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Video Description
This is Part 2 of an in depth inverview with Russell, "the Sartorial Chauffer". He's one of the consistently best dressed gentlemen I know with a massive shoe, suit, and watch collection. Listen and learn from him how to dress better, WHY to dress better, how to match watches, pocket squares, and shoes. Get some fresh ideas on where to take your wardrobe, and learn how he did it even when he was broke! Learn how he used dressing well to keep himself motivated when his business completely collapsed during the Covid lockdown! This is the final part.

Link to Part 1 of 2:

0:43 Recap of his greatest business challenge
3:03 David Ambrico collaboration & stratching his boundaries
5:50 Find a need & try to fill it!
7:06 Watch modding & attention to details
9:08 Start with the basics if you're just geting started
10:15 My weddinng experience rant / why I run my channel
12:09 Dressing nice even when you're in sneakers
13:37 A well-fitting thrift item is better than an ill-fitting $8k suit
14:58 How he learned about & aquired his first Oxxford (brand) suit
19:04 You can spot quality from 15 feet away once you develop an eye / how he learned about this before the internet
21:37 How he first got into Allen Edmonds shoes
25:15 The public doesnt care about AE / Quality for quality, not for the logo
25:59 Ealdwine Gentemen's Shop & Alden shoes
28:00 Warp speed learning though internet social media Sartorial groups
28:36 Be patientlyimpatient / what advice Russel would give himself 30 years ago
32:22 I got it wrong & had to redo my work... it's OK to make mistakes!
33:30 1 little decision can make a big diffreence to others
34:00 Work with what you have
36:43 Closing comments/outro

The "Topy mistake" video Russell referred to:
"Putting Rubber Half Soles on my new Allen Edmonds":

Ealdwine Gentlemen's Shop's website:

Russell's Instagram: @sartorialchauffer