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Grunge    21 August, 20, 12:04 am
Video Description
Aquaman is a superhero positively steeped in mythology and magic but unlike most superheroes, his roots his roots come from a real-life background. From mermaids to sea gods to Atlantis itself, this is the mythology behind Aquaman.

Since his debut in 1941, Aquaman has been largely defined by his relationship to the lost continent of Atlantis. In the very earliest comics, Aquaman was the son of a famous underwater explorer, who gave him the ability to speak to marine life through the secret wisdom of the abandoned kingdom. By 1959, Aquaman was reimagined as the son of a human father and an Atlantean mother, and was eventually named the king of Atlantis. Now, more than anything else, the lost continent forms the backbone of Aquaman's story.

While concepts of Atlantis have evolved over the centuries, the idea originated with the philosopher Plato some 2,400 years ago, when he described an advanced and powerful nation that sank into the sea probably intended as a warning against hubris. While Plato likely intended the story to be a metaphor, the concept has been taken varying degrees of seriously since then, with some people legitimately believing in a sunken continent lost in the North Atlantic. Whether you believe there's anyone still living down there, however, is a whole different question.

Watch the video for more about Aquaman's Mythology Explained!

#Aquaman #Comics #DC

Atlantis | 0:00
Mermaids and mermen | 1:19
The Trident of Poseidon | 2:48
Atlantean magic | 4:06
Poseidon | 5:08
Triton | 6:22
The Lady of the Lake | 7:01
Unspoken Water | 8:04
Dagon | 9:11
Thule | 10:19

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