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Video Description
🎧 Lofi/Chill Music 🎧

⭐️ Listen to "Harnoor - Parshawan" Lofi Remake by WORMONO

🎼 Artist Name - WORMONO

🎼 Artist Social Media Links:-


©️ All copyrights belong to respective owners. No copyright infringement intended. We have consent from the artist itself.


Song: Parshawan
Singer: Harnoor
Lyrics: Gifty
Composer: Harnoor
Music: JayB Singh
Female Lead : Srijan Chanta
Video: iCan Films
DOP: Arsh Singh
Directors: Arsh Singh/Boywithlenz
Edit: Gobindpuria
DI/Colour: Onkar Singh
Visual Effects: Sav Singh
Asst director: Rahul Badhan
Costumes: House Of Handsome
Instagram Reels Promotion: Boss Music Productions
Promotions: Black Digital
Label: Legacy Records

🌨 Original Song:

#parshawan #harnoor #punjabilofi