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Video Description
My everyday morning yoga routine consists of; mindful, compassionate movement, gratitude and breath work.

When I first started daily yoga in 2020, I relied heavily on guided flows on YouTube.
And as I became more comfortable with the movements, I wanted to design something for me & my body specifically.
So I did. And it quickly became my default morning flow.

I am so excited to share with with you today ❤️

A huge, HUGE thank you to @sjanaelise for being an incredible, welcoming and loving human. I am honoured to have connected with you in this way.

And thank you Louie. You know what you mean to me and I am beyond grateful to have your support, always.

My instagram:

Thank you for watching ☀️

00:00 why i created this flow
02:59 my 20 minute everyday yoga flow
27:56 gratitude practice
31:18 why breath work?
31:58 breath work practice