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Video Description
Terrifying moment caught on camera when an unexpected flash flood surprises the drivers on this highway while stuck in traffic at the wrong plane and the wrong time! Subscribe for more extreme nature content ►

While the locals are forced to flee, this powerful flash flood didn’t hold back, and swept the bridge, and all surrounding areas in under 2 minutes like a tsunami wave, forcing all the drivers and the locals into a frenzy. All the cars were honking non-stop to try to rush each other out of the way. Luckily, everyone made it out safely!

Flash floods are rapid flowing waters in low-lying areas typically caused by heavy rain fall, severe thunderstorms, hurricanes or tropical storms. They can make their way through hundreds of KMs of desert and it can take more than six hours between the rainfall and the beginn of the flooding in the lower lying areas, making them so unexpected for people in areas which might not even have taken notice about the downpours that caused them and the imminent danger coming towards them with no warning.

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