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Binge Society    20 November, 20, 9:00 pm
Video Description
What’s happening in this xXx movie clip?
As Xander (Vin Diesel from the Fast and Furious and Riddick saga) drinks his coffee in a diner, two men pull out their guns and threaten customers and staff. One of the gunmen asks the waitress to empty the cash register, but Xander takes his gun and hits him. Then he faces the other man who points his gun at him. But Xander is not impressed and manages to disarm him too.
Augustus Gibbons (Samuel L. Jackson from Captain Marvel and Shafts), who sits in a corner, applauds. Confused, Xander asks who he is. Gibbons introduces himself. But Xander had already understood that this robbery was staged. Gibbons is impressed and tells him it was all a test, which he passed hands down. He joins the team in two hours.

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What’s the xXx movie about?
Xander Cage (Vin Diesel from the Fast and Furious saga and Riddick) is a former extreme sports athlete, notorious for his death-defying public stunts. He is recruited by NSA Agent Gibbons (Samuel L. Jackson from Captain Marvel and Shafts) for a special undercover mission. He is asked to infiltrate a ruthless Russian crime ring. Xander must use all his extreme skills to combat a clever, organized and ruthless enemy far beyond the scope of his experience.

Credits: © 2002 Revolution Studios Distribution Company, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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