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0:00 Introduction
0:54 Moving charges & Magnetism
2:36 Electricity & Magnetism
6:39 Oersted Experiment
10:25 Moving charges & magnetism
11:12 Magnetic Field
12:21 Magnetic Force
19:49 Magnetic Force:Units
22:15 Magnetic force on a current carrying conductor
31:57 Problem 1
35:56 Motion of a charged particle in Magnetic Field
43:18 Helical Motion
49:09 Motion in combine electric &Magnetic field
55:06 Velocity selector
57:19 Velocity selector:Thompson Experiment
1:02:05 Cyclotron
1:11:38 Cyclotron:Applications
1:12:44 Problem 1:Ncert Ex Q.11
1:17:41 Problem 2:Ncert Example 4.4
1:20:59 Biot-Savart law
1:28:40 Biot-Savart vs. Coulomb’s law
1:30:12 Magnetic field due to straight current carrying conductor
1:40:04 Magnetic field due to circular loop
1:46:31 Problem 1
1:53:00 Problem 2
1:55:23 Ampere’s circuital law
1:58:52 Magnetic field due to straight current carrying conductor
2:04:12 Problem 1
2:12:23 Ampere’s circuital law
2:13:07 Solenoid
2:15:54 Solenoid:Magnetic field
2:22:22 Where do we use solenoids?
2:23:09 Toroid
2:24:06 Toroid:magnetic field
2:27:56 Problem 1
2:29:30 Problem 2

In this video we will cover:
1.A straight wire of mass 200 g and length 1.5 m carries a current of 2 A. It is suspended in mid-air by a uniform horizontal magnetic field B. What is the magnitude of the magnetic field?
2.In a chamber, a uniform magnetic field of 6.5 G (1 G = 10–4 T) is maintained. An electron is shot into the field with a speed of 4.8 × 106 m s–1 normal to the field. Explain why the path of the electron is a circle. Determine the radius of the circular orbit. (e = 1.6 × 10–19 C, me = 9.1×10–31 kg)
3. A cyclotron’s oscillator frequency is 10 MHz. What should be the operating magnetic field for accelerating protons? If the radius of its ‘dees’ is 60 cm, what is the kinetic energy (in MeV) of the proton beam produced by the accelerator.(e =1.60 × 10–19 C, mp = 1.67 × 10–27 kg, 1 MeV = 1.6 × 10–13 J).
4.Find the magnetic field at the point O.
5.Consider a tightly wound 100 turn coil of radius 10 cm, carrying a current of 1 A. What is the magnitude of the magnetic field at the centre of the coil?
6. Fig. shows a long straight wire of a circular cross-section (radius a) carrying steady current I. The current I is uniformly distributed across this cross-section. Calculate the magnetic field in the region r a and r a.
7. A solenoid of length 0.5 m has a radius of 1 cm and is made up of 500 turns. It carries a current of 5 A. What is the magnitude of the magnetic field inside the solenoid?
8. A closely wound solenoid 80 cm long has 5 layers of windings of 400 turns each. The diameter of the solenoid is 1.8 cm. If the current carried is 8.0 A, estimate the magnitude of B inside the solenoid near its centre.
9.NCERT solutions class 12 physics moving charges & magnetism.
10.NCERT Notes class 12 physics moving charges & magnetism.
9.Class 12 jee physics moving charges & magnetism.
10.Class 12 NEET physics moving charges & magnetism class 12.
11.Explanation on physics moving charges & magnetism class 12 (formerly called ExamFear Education) is a Free Education platform with more than 6000 videos on Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, English, Science experiments, tips & tricks and motivational videos for Classes 6 to 12.
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