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Video Description
Hi friends, happy Thursday!
Welcome to episode one of the Dark History podcast. woot! Today we are going to talk about DuPont and their shady ass, just saying. I appreciate you for coming by, and tune in next week for more dark history.

You can find Dark History podcast Apple, Spotify, wherever you listen to your podcasts, and every Thursday here on my Youtube for the visual side of things.

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00:00 Quote
00:13 Introduction of Dark History
01:40 Today’s Story
02:50 Wilbur Tennant
04:20 Wilbur’s Cows
06:08 DuPont
08:50 Rob Billet
09:07 AD 1
11:39 Robert Billet’s Firm
13:12 Lawsuit against DuPont
14:12 DuPont’s study
15:00 EPA
16:30 PFOA
19:45 AD 2
22:21 PFOA & poisoning
26:24 Billet’s brief
28:00 AD 3
29:23 Toxic Chemicals
31:37 The Settlement
33:58 AD 4
35:07 PFOA’s affects
37:44 Chemours


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