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ProjectAir    25 June, 21, 1:10 am
Video Description
Get the Karma shopping assistant Karma is an all-in-one shopping assistant that automatically helps you shop smarter and save time and money automatically.

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This is my DIY radio control rocket car! I've been wanting to build one of these using my 3D printing using my Ender 3 printers, carbon fibre and Estes rocket motors for a while, so I hope you enjoy seeing how it turned out. Making a car is actually quite difficult as it turns out and I have a lot to work on when building the MK2! Although I tried to take ques from the Arrma Limitless, the car was still not as stiff or as stable as it needed to be. Also I think I'll need some better wheels next time!

I'd love to see you building something like this and maybe competing with each other to build the fastest RC rocket cars, so let me know if you make one and beat my unimpressive 72kph!
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