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Video Description
Hi friends! I've missed you dearly!!!!
I'm excited for Season 2 of Dark History where we will be talking about all sorts of nonsense from popcorn to self pleasure, and of course sniffing around these large corporations with shady pasts.

Check out Dark History Season 2 coming August 3rd anywhere you listen to podcasts, and you can also check out the video version of the podcast HERE on Thursdays after the podcast airs.

Check out the Dark History Podcast Here :

Check Out *NEW* Dark History Season 2 Merch Here :

Also don't forget to check out my Murder Mystery and Makeup which drops on Mondays! YES ITS COMING!! Thank you for being patient with me :)

I appreciate you and hope you have a good day, and you make good choices.
I'll be seeing you very soon

Bailey Sarian

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