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Video Description
#ultrachronometer #certified
Inspired by the Ultra-Chron of 1968, this modern version is officially reborn over 50 years later. It is a true hi-beat movement created and modified by ETA. The 10 beat per second category is largely dominated by Grand Seiko and Zenith. I like that a new player has entered the segment, especially at a price significantly below its competitors.

My recommended Longines AD is Exquisite Timepieces in Naples FL. Good selection, and better customer service. Please reach out to Nick for pricing and availability on any model-

Nick Lukas - 443-655-4800 ©
IG: exquisitetimepieces

0:00 - 4:08 What Longines did really well
4:08 - 5:22 The Movement
5:22 - 6:49 What Longines did not do well
6:49 - 7:40 Recommendation