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Video Description
This video features 2 articles I purchased for $18.66 with tax from a local Goodwill store. The greyish blue 2 button suit is a new Jones New York suit still with the original tags on it for $10.99. The Sport Coat is a 100% wool Lauren Ralph Lauren jacket, made in Canada, that I purchased for $6.49. I altered the Jones New York slacks in the waist myself, and did nothing to the coat. I may get the collar adjusted by a professional to get rid of the slight rolls between my shoulder blades/neck area at some point. The original tags on the suit show the full retail price of $350, but I'd call it a $250 suit, as most would not pay full retail price. The suit is medium quality, being machine made, and using a 76% polyester, 21% Viscose, 3% spandex material. It will serve as a great "workhorse" suit in my wardrobe, meaning it's a suit I can wear on days where I will be very active and/or may get it dirty. This way it will help keep the wear off of my more expensive higher quality suits, but I can still look sharp as the fabric and fit look nice.

0:30 Showing the Lauren Ralph Lauren sport coat
1:30 Showing the Jones New York suit
3:04 6 inch drop in a suit explained
3:59 Showing how the Jones New York suit fits as purchased
4:12 close-up of the fabric pattern
5:42 Tips on how to find great items thrifting
10:44 The LRL jacket shown paired with a few different slacks
12:09 Letting out/tailoring the waist of the suit slacks
17:47 Ironing out the old creases
18:25 How to prep a new suit: removing the tags, and opening the vents and pockets
19:27 A close-up of the original $350 Jones New York price tag
21:27 The final result
22:14 Outro & closing still shots

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Music Credit: "Wishful Thinking" by Dan Lebowitz from YouTube Audio Library

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