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Video Description
The members of Arivu Square participated in the 90 days Habit Challenge. This video is to share the success stories of our winners. The winners will receive a copy of 'Atomic Habits'.

** TITLE **

Success Stories Of Subscribers | Destroy Bad Habits | Habit Challenge - 1 | Arivu Square

** Atomic Habits Playlist **

Please watch the following playlist to understand the Habit Challenge,

** What is discussed in the video **

1. What is this challenge about?
2. What is the 2 minute rule?
3. What is a Trigger?
4. What is 'Never Fail Twice Technique'?
5. What is a Reward and how is it helpful?
6. Why should you punish yourself?
7. What is habit replacement theory?
8. Different stages of a habit?
9. Did I successfully complete my challenge?

Should you have any doubts regarding the video or need clarifications about the content. Feel free to send an email to --

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