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Video Description
If you want to learn Animation -
সব কিছু গুছিয়ে একজায়গায় আনা হয়েছে। আশা করি কোর্স টা আপনাকে যথেষ্ট হেল্প করবে। আর থাকছে সার্টিফিকেট। June is the birthday month of BTS and yesterday probably it was their birthday. So I just wanted to ad some effort to their celebration of 7 years. Anyways Happy Birthday to them and yeah, enjoy the video.

Some BTS song you can listen to-
1. On (Personally my favourite) -


3. AnpamMan-

4. Spring Day -

5. We are Bulletproof : the Eternal-

6. Also Check this out-


0:00 Prologue
3:02 Why I love BTS
5:48 Why some people hate BTS
7:31 Why you shouldn’t bother

Story and Animation: Antik Mahmud
Vocal: Antik Mahmud
Lipsync: Mridul Animation
Color and Background: Antik Mahmud, Mridul, Shams Nobee
Thumbnail: Antik Mahmud

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Hidden letter:

Hohohohoho. Bts ke niye video banaisi... Ami shesh. Sure...

Anyways Bts ke niye jehetu kotha bolsi e ei video te ami arekta kotha bolte chai bts related. Bts ba kpop group jekhanei show kore na keno tader stage decoration dekhsen? pagol hoye jai ami eder stage design dekhle. eta dekhar por ami vabi bangladesh e emon hoyna keno. pore bujhte pari budget er jonno may be. But chinta koren pritom hasan kono ekta stage er elevator diye biyain shab gaite gaite uthche ar hajar hajar manush fan scream korche. Total chill moment to be honest. Ami erokom show chai. Ami nije erokom show korte chai. Dorkar porle tar jonno 10-20 ta original gaan likhbo.

Original gaan shune mone holo ekta gaan banacchi ami ar amar friend mile. Dekhi, soon upload korbo.

Gaming e haat ashche. 2nd Channel @Antik Again e gaming video up o korchi. Apex e amar level ekhon 100+ . besh valo kill pai proti match e. mojai lage. Sadman bhai ke cover dei duo ar trios e.

Jaak ge, asha kori BTS army ra ei video ta pochondo korbe. Ami jani kisu toxic manush gali diye ber hoye jabe, but....oi je...toxic manush.. So amar pera nai. But asha kori kauke ami hurt korbo na.

Bye bye. I love you