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Video Description
I brought my camera around with me for the day last week, I don't usually vlog when I'm in London because I don't know how interesting anyone would find it lol. I personally watch vlogs when people travel etc but its nice to see someones 'normal' life for the day too right?

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Viktor & Rolf dress not available online
Brandy sweater -
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Pj top is Primark


OK so! Im gonna be honest, I've been really bored of my channel recently lol. The videos I previously had made just felt very basic to what I watch now & outdated compared to my personality ... (self criticism at its finest wow) But, not making videos for a week or to allowed me to refresh for a sec & decide what I wanted to film & how I edit.

Im honestly so happy with how this video came out lol I really hope you enjoyed it bc I actually loved editing it. Which I hadn't experienced in a while! I don't think my content is going to change that much, I still love hauls and simple makeup routines ... just a more polished version ya feel?

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