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Video Description
This video documents a live in-person trip I made to purchase a pair of Cobbler Union shoes. Cobbler Union has only one physical location in the USA, in Atlanta Georga, which is 700 miles from home for me. They don't actually produce any shoes outside of the standard D width, so if you have wide feet like I do, and cannot get to the physical store, purchasing the correct width Cobber Union shoes can be challenging. This video will help you understand their different lasts, and which ones will be best for different feet shape. Come shop for a pair of shoes with me!

0:34 Who is Cobbler Union & what features do they offer?
4:44 A look at CU's Goodyear Welting construction
6:25 How does CU fit shoes for me online?
7:25 What is a "Last"?
8:15 What is a Brannock Device, and how do you use it?
10:52 Tips for correct shoe sizing
11:29 Choosing CU shoes fit compared to other brands, such as Allen Edmonds 65 Last
13:30 The 3 golden rules for purchasing shoes such that they're still returnable as new.
14:50 What kind of shoe I'm shopping for
15:40 The "Adelaide" size 12D in museum cognac & explanation of the 358 Last.
20:49 Explanation of the ball of the foot, the instep, and forefoot & what kind of foot I have.
22:05 The "Adelaide" size 12.5D on the 888 Last
24:00 The 888 Last size 12.5 vs Allen Edmonds 65 Last size 11.5 3E and the 358 size 12D vs the 888 size 12.5D
25:00 The "Alex UR" Long Wing Blucher, 312 Last size 12D
28:10 Showing the Winston UR wingtip Oxford on the 312 Last
30:30 The "Francis" on the Louvre last, sizes 12.5D and 13D
33:15 Explanation of the 357 Last and some future changes
35:05 The "Richard" cap toe Oxford in marbled museum Oxblood on the City Last, size 12.5D
35:59 Comparing the heel on the 270 Goodyear Welt vs 360 Goodyear Welt
37:50 "Does it bring you joy?" (Marie Kondo)
38:32 The "William" semi-brogue Oxford on the City Last, size 12.5D in cognac calf
40:17 A SUMMARY of the BEST CU Lasts for WIDE FEET (to Screenshot)
41:08 The 358 Last vs the City Last feature differences: narrowed fiddlebaqck waist, beveled waist
42:21 A tour of the shoes in their showroom
44:20 My final shoe selection revealed
44:40 A close pass of 6 different styles I tried on
45:11 A closer look at the shoe I purchased
46:46 Summary & closing comments
48:26 Future video release schedule & Outro

My apologies for the less than perfect audio quality. The audio was difficult to capture because of the open room with brick walls, and I know it would be better if I had better equipment.

Music Credit: YouTube Audio Library
"Tropical House" by Yuri Bespalov"

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This video is marked as having a paid promotion because according to YouTube's rules, a paid promotion includes "pieces of content that are created for a third party in exchange for compensation. This content is also where the third party's brand, message, or product is integrated directly into the content."
I was not compensated by Cobbler Union for this video, but I was given a discount on my own purchase.