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Video Description
Longines made an absolutely excellent watch. Fortunately it gets the love it should from us watch fans. Does it deserve more? It would with a display back! Let me know what you think?

Thank you to Exquisite for lending in all these awesome Longines watches. They have great selection and great customer service. If you are shopping like I am....

Nick Lukas - 443-655-4800 ©
IG: exquisitetimepieces

0:00 - 0:26 Mood Setter
0:26 - 2:08 Quirky, Endearing, Mysterious
2:08 - 3:45 The Value
3:45 - 5:07 What a dial
5:07 - 5:57 Titanium
5:57 - 6:53 Why?
6:53 - 7:42 Lets GO