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Video Description
In this unity tutorial, you'll learn how to make a 2D Endless Runner from start to finish. If you're just a beginner and you want to make your first game using unity game engine, this is the tutorial for you.

You'll learn how to make a simple player controller, camera movement, looping background, spawning obstacles, destroying obstacles, game over function, display score, adding background music and adding particle effect.

After you've finished developing the game, you'll also learn how to upload your very own 2D Endless Runner on, and you can ask your family and friends to try it out. Impress them and get feedbacks so that you can improve as a game developer.

➤Game Assets:

➤Background Music:

Stay Safe

0:00​ Intro
0:58​ Game Project Creation
1:22​ Game Project Configuration
2:07​ Game Assets Creation
2:37​ Player Controller
6:16​ Camera Movement
7:48​ Looping Background
9:24​ Spawning Obstacles
14:10​ Creating Box Colliders
15:21​ Destroying Obstacles
17:51​ Game Over Function
21:02​ Score System
22:38​ Adding Background Music
23:45​ Creating Particle Effect
26:34​ Publishing On
28:28​ Conclusion

#Hooson #Unity3D

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