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Video Description
By the end of the video, students will be able to
1. Describe what is software license;
2. Identify software license validation techniques;
3. List down typical contents of End-User License Agreements (EULA);
4. Compare and contrast Proprietary Software and Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS);
5. Define Proprietary Software License;
6. Explain software distribution, namely commercial software, demoware, shareware, and freeware;
7. Discuss the 5 main types of software piracy, namely softlifting, OEM unbundling, hard disk loading, counterfeiting, online piracy, and renting;
8. Define FOSS License;
9. Provide examples of FOSS;
10. Determine the reasons why FOOS is free; and
11. Differentiate FOSS and Public Domain Software.

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00:00 Introduction
00:03 Software Licenses
00:28 Software License Validation Techniques
00:49 End-User License Agreement
02:22 Software License Categories
02:37 Proprietary Software License
02:51 Proprietary Software Distribution
03:15 Software Piracy
04:59 Cont. Proprietary Software Distribution
05:51 Free and Open-Source Software License
06:28 Examples of Open-Source Software
06:47 Reasons Why Open-Source Software is Free
07:23 Public Domain Software
07:46 References
07:54 Subscribe and More Videos

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