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Sponsored By Curiosity Stream: Go to and use coupon code "PILL" to sign up for just $14.99 for an ENTIRE YEAR.

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This is part 2 of our little mini series on 10 life changing ideas that have changed my life; so that you can improve your life! Some of these are originals that I've come up with on my own, and some are ideas that I've come across from other sources. Let me know which ones you agree with, disagree with in the comments down below!

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Intro: (00:00)
Idea #6: (00:12)
Idea #7: (02:00)
Sponsor: (03:16)
Idea #8: (04:04)
Idea #9: (05:26)
Idea #10: (06:29)
Outro + 50 Life Lessons +Easter Egg: (07:47)