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Video Description
This most recent trip to Pennsylvania was outstanding. I met awesome people, filmed excellent watches, ate great food, and did some unique things. What more could a watch enthusiast want?

You are invited to the next meet up which I am tentatively planning for early November. Details to follow as I solidify them. It is going to be awesome.

A huge thank you to the team at Brent Miller Jewelers. An excellent authorized dealer, where passionate watch fans work. Check out their channel, social media, and inquire about watches here-
717-712-8954 (Brad's cell)

YT: @Brent Miller Time
IG: @brentmillertime

0:00 - 0:45 Introduction
0:45 - 1:13 Cheesesteaks
1:13 - 2:44 A perk like no other
2:44 - 4:30 The coolest watch experience I've ever had
4:30 - 5:07 Filming many watches
5:07 - 6:37 The Highlights
6:37 - 7:03 The best fries around
7:03 - 8:16 Chocolate and Gifts
8:16 - 9:02 Meetup one
9:02 - 9:52 Indian Echo Caverns
9:52 - 10:55 Meetup two
10:55 - 11:50 King of Prussia
11:15 - 13:10 The next visit, you are invited
13:10 - 13:29 Outro

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