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Rolex. Rolex watches. Rolex authorized dealer. Rolex scarcity. Rolex brand image. Rolex hate train.

Why Everyone Is Jumping On The Rolex Hate Train? The King of luxury watches that everyone used to admire, but now a brand that many would prefer to pass.

We’ve all seen the hatred towards Rolex in recent years to the point where long time Rolex fanboys & girls are even turning their backs on the brand. Is this a Rolex hate train that everyone seems to be jumping on without really understanding the reasons behind their emotions?

Despite all the perceived hate that the brand has seemingly received in recent years, Rolex remains envied as the choice brand for many watch collectors and lovers globally; this rather ironic situation leaving watch enthusiasts probing what exactly the genesis of this perceived hate for Rolexes could be and just how serious of a situation it is. Well, hang on as we explore the love-hate situation that has come to be peculiar with the Rolex brand the world over.

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On Above First Class we will cover all things Rolex, Omega, and other popular luxury watches. Stay tuned for the latest Rolex news and luxury investment watch trends. #rolex #rolexwatchesformen #rolexwatches

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