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Video Description
India has more people and produces more garbage than nearly every other country in the world. Many make a living off that waste, from ragpickers to entrepreneurs. Join us as we look at how they turn trash into shoes, tiles, teddy bears, and more.

00:00 Intro
00:32 Plastic Shoes
02:40 Sugarcane Tableware
06:38 Incense Flowers
09:25 Vegetable Biogas
12:02 Sewer Diving
16:10 Landfill Fires
18:51 Carbon Tiles
25:09 Cigarette Recycling

Fish Skin Leather Could Fight Restaurant Waste | World Wide Waste | Business Insider
Meet The Woman Who Turns Trash Into High-End Furniture That Costs Thousands | World Wide Waste
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How People Profit Off India’s Garbage | World Wide Waste | Business Insider