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Grunge    23 June, 20, 10:43 pm
Video Description
Blink-182 became famous for their lighthearted brand of pop-punk, but despite the upbeat music, the band members have faced a lot of tragedy over the years.

The band infighting started before they ever got famous, as the circumstances surrounding the departure of their first drummer remain controversial, and the members of the trio struggled to get along even after their first hits.

They broke up indefinitely in 2005, and although they got back together, the difficulties have continued. From the drama of their side projects to the truly devastating events that caused them to get back together, let’s take a look at some tragic details about Blink-182.

#Blink182 #TravisBarker #Music

Behind the name | 0:00
Firing the drummer | 1:03
Hurt feelings | 2:13
Indefinite hiatus | 3:22
Reunited by tragedy | 4:23
Lingering tension | 5:31
Failing to meet expectations | 6:41
Waning interest | 7:30
DeLonge leaves the band | 8:31
Soldiering on | 9:47

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