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Video Description
⚠️EPILEPSY WARNING - This video contains flashing images which might be disturbing for some viewers⚠️

Bringing back the festival vibes with our Youngblood "FallenSkies" on our New Progressive House Remix of "Chashni" ✨

FallenSkies is A Genius. The immense work he had done in this remix was fabulous and with our touch to it we tried to achieve the maximum potential of this remix.

Beautiful Visual Treat by ‎@Sunix Thakor 🌠
Thumbnail Designed by Arya Kote 🎀

Do share your precious views on this one and if you like it don't forget to share and leave a comment🍭

lets dance our hearts out!

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We're gonna drop more and more bombs with FallenSkies very soon so stay tune and stay hydrated💓🔫