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Improvement Pill    15 October, 20, 12:29 am
Video Description
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If you're wondering how to be articulate so that words can flow out of your mouth with ease, then you really need to think about how we learn speech to begin with. It all comes down to copying the combinations that we observe. If you want to learn how to articulate your thoughts better, then you need to practice these combos to the point where you can whip them out without even thinking about them. That's the key to articulation.

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Intro: (00:00)
An Eye Opening Analogy: (00:20)
Step #1: (01:06)
Step #2: (02:00)
An Example From My Life: (02:23)
How To Master Combos: (03:10)
My Thoughts On Copying: (03:46)
Final Steps + Easter Egg: (04:25)