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Video Description
Matt and Rebecca Zamolo try destroying Zoe's iPhone SE with the Tesla and other satisfying spy gadgets.

After escaping the lake of secrets Matt and Rebecca and Cousin Maddie found an iPhone SE in the hacker room. It looks like it was left behind by Zoe who is Rebecca's ex best friend. They went through the camera roll and found tik toks, snapchats and other private information. They activated the find my phone app and now Zoe knows we have her phone so she is tracking it. Before she shows up we need to destroy it. There are also 5 more clues hidden in our backyard. We found them using her flickr account. The clues could be in cloud slime, a giant tv, squishes from fortnite and other satisfying things. Once we bring them inside we hid the key inside dog's shirt from pawzam dogs, to keep the key to the tunnel safe. Our house name Al said she ordered a few items which were on our door step waiting for us. Orbeez and even more crunchy things like Cheetos, Light bulbs and McDonald's. Which thing was your favorite and will we be able to find the hidden clue and spy device? Maddie found a map made out of puzzle pieces. Maybe we will find a clue to our best friend Daniel who is still missing! Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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