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Video Description
The music video perfectly captures the essence of festive spirit and spreads a positive message by depicting the small joys in life and how sometimes, all one needs is a simple journey to discover themselves. The video showcases the journey of Mimi on a soul-searching trip, where she rides a bike on the outskirts of the city, shedding off her usual glamorous life away from the city. Through her journey, she is seen enjoying with kids and helping out a village in Pujo preparations. We see a humble, yet heart-warming pandal, a gorgeous idol, bhog distribution, dhunuchi naach and an ear-to-ear smile on Mimi’s face portraying that such simple acts are key to one’s happiness.

Joy Beautiful by Nature - Pujo Teaser 2021 | Mimi Chakraborty | Joy Personal Care
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#Pujo2021 #JoyBeautifulbyNature #Mimichakraborty