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Video Description
After a 2-1/2 YEAR GAP since releasing Part 1, I'm FINALLY airing part 2, which is filmed at a local Cobbler's shoe repair shop! We put new half soles onto my Florshiems, showing you how it's done every step of the way. Be forewarned though, I did a TERRIBLE job with the Blake/McKay outsole stitcher, COMPOUNDED with the fact that it was out of adjustment, so the outsole stitching came out terrible. I hope you still get some value from the video by either being entertained and/or learn something. Enjoy!

Part 1: "Florsheim Double Monk Straps Shine + New heels Part 1":

0:34 Intro/setup & explanation of 2.5 yr gap & “warning”
2:31 Start of shoe teardown, removing insoles, cleaning out foam
3:29 Removing the front half of the outsole
4:47 Marking the sole for the new half-sole & cutting the old one off
6:55 Showing the Florsheim cosmetic outsole & Blake stitching
7:37 Fishing out the old Blake Stitch
8:17 Showing the upper, cosmetic welt, and insole
8:58 Time Lapse of me tearing apart the other shoe
9:55 Re-gluing the uppers and false welt back on, adding a layer or cork
10:35 Repairing the cosmetic stitch on the welt
11:35 Beveling (sanding down to a taper) the old outsole
13:44 Time lapse of me beveling the old sole
15:03 Skiving the new half soles on the 5-in-one machine
16:16 Sanding down the transition on the outsole
16:39 Gluing up the shoe and new outsoles
20:47 Showing a cool lifted shoe
21:27 Putting on the new leather outsoles
23:49 Pressing on the edges of the outsoles with the 5-in-one
24:30 Trimming the outsole with the 5-in-one
25:22 Finish shaping the edges of the outsole
28:08 Brief explanation
28:35 CLOSE-UP of the Goodyear Welting outsole stitcher!
30:18 Stitching someone else’s shoe with the Goodyear Welting machine
31:13 Cutting the groove for the outsole stitches
31:35 Stitching on the Outsoles with the Blake/McKay machine
36:26 Showing the final result
39:12 Outro & credits

Special thanks to:
Neal (owner) of Oriti Shoe Repair
5299 Broadview Road
Cleveland, OH 44134
(216) 375-0519
Thank you for watching! My Instagram is @robert_powers_

Music Credit: YouTube Audio Library:
"Be A King (M.W.D. Remix)" by Metaharmonix