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Video Description
Rebecca Zamolo found Overnight clues that reveal true identity and name of Real Game Master while in secret safe house!

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After Rebecca Zamolo uploaded 24 Hours TRAPPED inside HACKER Mansion! (Game Master vs. Quadrant Battle Royale), Matt and Rebecca created i Went in Disguise as Hacker to Rescue Rebecca Zamolo and Daniel (Missing Game Master Clues Found) and now they need to escape the quadrant before they are revealed. After a battle royale between Matt, Rebecca, Daniel the hacker and the Game Master they retrieved the box. A mysterious stack of $10,000 was a decoy holding a spy gadget. We revealed it belonged to the Quadrant leader! Should we hack the drive to discover the secret hidden location of the safe house? Daniel gave us GPS coordinates and learned it would be where we spend the next 24 hours real life! We stopped E2 by using our spy ninja skills to sneak into the headquarters and overheard the conversation using ninja gadgets! We can't tell anyone where we are and need to keep it a secret. Someone arrives at the house at 3am, are we being pranked? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for in 2019!

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12021 Wilshire Blvd #714
Los Angeles, Ca 90025

About Matt and Rebecca:
Hey we are Matt Slays and Rebecca Zamolo. We have been married for 3 plus years and are starting a family of our own. We mainly vlog but mix in challenges, DIY's, experiments as well. Make sure to subscribe and be a part of our family as we love connecting with you the most.