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Video Description
Latest GK and Current Affairs February 2017 MCQs Part 2 with Answers. Get FREE PDF for GK MCQ Questions with Answers for Current Affairs February 2017 - Multiple Choice Questions with detailed answers ( 25 Questions). Latest General Knowledge and Current Affairs MCQs 2017

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This Video has info on Current Affairs and General Knowledge for 2017- General Awareness 2017, Latest happenings in Sports, Law and Legal, National and International Affairs in the current year 2017 suitable for Bank GK and SSC Examinations.


Current Affairs
February 2017 Q 26 TO 50
Q26. The first strategic dialogue between India and China was co – chaired by which two persons?
Q27. Who has sworn – in as the Chief Minister of Nagaland?
Q28. In which state was the National Biodiversity Congress held ?
Q29. When is the International Mother language day celebrated?
Q30. What is the theme of the National Science day 2017?
Q31. Where is India’s first Heliport?
Q32. Name the newly appointed chairperson of NCST?
Q33. Name the film that has won 6 awards at the 89th Academy awards (Oscars), 2017?
Q34. Name the newly launched train for unreserved passengers by Indian railways?
Q35. The seven newly discovered Exoplanets are orbiting which star?
Q36. Where is the Arun hydropower project located?
Q37. Name the newly discovered submerged continent in Pacific ocean?
Q38. Name the only active volcano in India?
Q39. What is the theme of World day of Social justice 2017?
Q40. What out of these is used to make Graphene?